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Client: Jeff Roberti

Category: Personal Brand Website

Date: Sept 2017

Jeff Roberti is a successful network marketing professional who came to us with little online presence. We were tasked with creating a personal brand for Jeff, under the name JR, along with creating a strong online presence. In addition to the creation of the JR brand, we also created a personal brand website which included elements like testimonials, training and a personal blog.

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To build a robust online presence for JR we filled the site with all of the information you could ever wish to know about JR including his history, core values and plans for the future.


To share JR’s extensive knowledge with his online community we created a training section of the website, designed to showcase JR’s many seminars and teachings over the years.

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One of JR’s passions is helping others and so we created a ‘Work with JR’ page designed to encourage people to get in touch, with the possibility of being mentored by JR himself.

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